Wanna create something crazy?

Awesome ;-)…

Join our Crazy Academy month; here is how we do it:


1st Week:

Brainstorming and finding a pain point.

Come with an idea or not, the goal of this week is to go to places no one else ever thought of, then linking them back to reality.

2nd Week:

Ideation and conceptualization.

So, we got the idea… Now we focus on the strategy, planning and all the little details that will clarify our objectives of taking on such a crazy challenge.

3rd Week:

Getting your hands dirty!!

It’s time to build a gizmo, a proof, that this could work, with a very delicate balance between not going to far, yet still enough to explain the essence of the idea.
But, it must look good…

4th Week:

Let’s have fun in front of a camera.

The most important step; is to craft a piece of communication that can deliver the message in a fun, memorable yet an informative and thought provoking way.


We launch… it’s like that dream… where you’re standing naked in the middle of time square!!

Except it’s real, and it’s in front of the whole world!!

Really!! Still interested?

Send us couple of lines about yourself along with your linkedIn profile link, and lets grab some illegal* drinks!!

Say Sup!


*Sort of