We’re fearless creative troublemakers. We spark futuristic, fun and crazy experiments in collaboration with experts that may change the world.



We don’t believe in marketing research!!
Call it the “Heisenberg ” effect, or as we call it: “The human hypocrisy”… It’s impossible to know what humans really think.
We believe that the only way to test an idea is: by fu*king doing it!
That’s why we launch fun & audacious experiments and crowd funding campaigns…
Our goal is to make you get up in the middle of the night in your underwear, and pull your credit card to fund one of our crazy campaigns…
Because in our standards, that’s the only true indication that we are solving a worthy problem; which is our ultimate goal.


We join forces with professionals from diverse fields, we learn from their experiences, failures and most importantly: frustration. Then, we help them cross the line with a crazy idea that carries a solution for a real problem in its essence.
We handle the stuff they usually hate: Advertising, marketing, Ideation etc. And we give them what they’ve always wanted: A license to be crazy.
Have a crazy idea you’ve been setting on for awhile? Get in touch, and lets create something crazy!

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